Passion, Purpose, and Perseverance: Assessing the Value and Fulfillment of a Teaching Profession

Is Teaching Worth It: I have taught for over two decades, and teaching is one of the best professions in my opinion, it’s more than just because I’ve been here for years; it actually is.

Sounds funny, but teaching is more than just teaching. It is imparting knowledge to students from different races and having a first-class position to influence their futures; you literally have the power to affect the child’s future and the country at large.

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Although sometimes it may get tough as you are dealing with children from different upbringings to improve their way of thinking or life,  it also comes with so much fun.

You will get disrespected, sometimes falsely accused, and probably hated by some of your students for trying to do the right thing.

There are also other moments where you’ll probably be loved, cherished, and valued by your students, and each time you are with them, there’s a feeling of ecstasy that comes with it – this is just the rollercoaster that comes with being a teacher.

Is Being A Teacher Worth It?

is teaching worth it

I have heard different people’s opinions on this, and many became teachers because of their passion for teaching. If you are considering being a teacher, you should first ask yourself how much passion you have for teaching before you venture into it.

There are many things to consider before becoming a teacher. Whenever this topic arises, I always examine some options and consider some things before giving my honest opinion.

Firstly, your passion for teaching is the most important thing you should consider. How much do you love teaching? Are you a teacher because you are trying to earn or have a great passion for it? Do you love imparting knowledge? Before you venture into teaching, ask these questions to know if being a teacher is worth it or not. If you don’t have passion for your career, it may not be worth it, and all you’ll be after is making a living out of it. But if you genuinely have a fondness for what you do, making a living out of it will be one of the secondary reasons for doing it. 

Since becoming a teacher, I have been open to learning new things daily. I have grown to learn regularly. Preparing my curriculum for the semester or the new session comes with lots of research and growth in knowledge on my path – it may seem boring since you’ll be doing the same thing yearly. Still, again, you are dealing with entirely different kids and new challenges.

As a teacher, you are open to a lifelong learning process that continues every semester or every year, depending on how you prepare for the coming session. As an educator, you update yourself by staying updated on recent events, research, educational methods, advancement in your subject area, and knowing other aspects of life. 

You are guaranteed job security as a teacher if you adhere to the school’s guidelines. Like in many countries, teaching is one of the most stable jobs with high demands because qualified teachers will always be needed in various schools or homes. The worth of being a teacher solely depends on you and your drive for teaching. If you have a high drive for it, it’s okay to say that the profession is worth it.

What Qualifications Should I Have To Be A Teacher?

If you want to be a teacher, especially if you have a passion for it, the first qualification you should have is a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. This degree is mostly for elementary and high school teachers and may vary in title. Some titles may include Bachelor of Science in Education, Bachelor of Arts in Education and Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.). These programs give you an insight into curriculum development or arrangements, classroom management, teaching methods, and educational psychology. 

There is also another degree to obtain in a specific area. You can obtain a degree in the subject you want to teach. It could be in science or arts. It could also be in a particular language and any other subject. 

is teaching worth it

You can also strive for a Master’s Degree in Education as many teachers do. This degree will enhance your knowledge of educational theory, research, class management, and other essential things you must have learned during your Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

Getting all these degrees helps you to improve your career as a teacher. The Master’s Degree is a step after the Bachelor’s Degree. Like every other profession, you can also upgrade your certification by attaining the Doctorate Degree in Education (Ph.D.), which is the pinnacle of every professional degree.

These requirements may differ in countries, regions, states, provinces, and educational institutions. But it would be best to research the institution you are applying for a teaching job to know their requirements before applying. For every teaching job, the higher the job, the higher the requirements.

How Much Do Teachers Earn In The U.S., And Are They Paid Hourly? 

There is no specific price fixed on teachers’ salaries but an average price of $17.61 per hour. This price can vary depending on the educational institution, state, region, or province.

Another determining factor of the price teachers earn is qualification. The higher the qualifications, the higher your salary, and also, the higher level of the educational institution you teach, the higher your salary. 

The method of payment depends on the policy of the institution. Some might pay you weekly or monthly. Sometimes it depends on your negotiation with the school on how you want your payment to be made, but often, it depends on the payment method of the school.

How Do I Know Teaching Is For Me?

is teaching worth it

If you are a student and you’re still thinking about whether you should be a teacher or not then I’ll tell you you don’t have to think about it anymore.

All you have to do is look at yourself, and if you realize that you have a strong fondness for sharing knowledge, that’s the principal trait of future teachers. Oh, and you have the patience actually to share that knowledge.

If you love doing this daily, you are on the path to becoming a teacher. If you love sharing information and helping others in learning situations that are difficult to understand, then consider yourself a potential teacher. 

When I was in Junior High, I always enjoyed learning new things and opening my brain to new information. Marilyn will look at me then and say, “I wish I could love these things as much as you do.”

I was always interested in surfing the library and learning new things about other cultures, people, countries and many other things – the internet wasn’t mainstream.

If this is you, then there is a trait of teaching in you. Teachers are always open to new ideas, information, teachings, insights, and other things that will help broaden their knowledge. 

One of the traits of a teacher is the ability to communicate effectively. As a student, I was the most pleasant among my friends.

I loved engaging in conversations and bringing up conversations. I loved listening to people talk and sharing my thoughts on different knowledgeable topics.

If this is you, then teaching is for you because teachers are effective communicators and will always have answers to most questions you ask.

Do you find pleasure or satisfaction in helping others achieve a knowledgeable thing? If this is the case, you are bound to be a teacher.

I always had a surge of happiness whenever I helped my friends or younger ones go through a problematic study by making it much more straightforward.

Helping others understand is always the joy of every teacher, seeing their students taking on complex studies and overcoming them.

Suppose there is a sense of fulfillment from you whenever you contribute to someone’s learning and development. In that case, teaching will help you provide great opportunities to make positive impacts in the life of others. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Being A Teacher?

is teaching worth it

From the moment I got into Senior Year in High School, I knew I would be a teacher. I had a reading group in my Senior Year and was always heading the tutorials among my friends and me.

They’d always tell me to take it because I explained this better than any of them and gave them a clear understanding of the subjects we studied.

When I told my best friend Marilyn that I wanted to focus my career on teaching, she just looked at me, smiled, and said, “I have been waiting for you to tell me this.”

The significant advantage of being a teacher is positively shaping the students’ future. To help them achieve the best part of their life.

It is your duty as a teacher to make a practical impact in the lives of your students. As a teacher, you can motivate, inspire, instill great thoughts into your students’ minds, and help them reach their full potential.

As a freshman in High School, I was more of a talker than a writer until  Mr. Ward gave us this homework to write about our family traditions and norms.

Mr. Ward made us write it like we were telling a story, and he would read it to the class in our next class. He read a few before he read mine, and I kept smiling.

When he chose his best five, mine was one of them. He told me after class that I could be better if I wanted to and that he could help me unlock the part of me I didn’t know I had.

Now, here I am, a teacher and a writer. My teacher saw a side of me that I didn’t see, and that is precisely the work of teachers. They help you unlock a part you think never existed in you. 

As I said earlier, the teacher demand is relatively high and will always stay that way. As a teacher, job security is what you get.

If you have attained specific qualifications, you are sure not to stay out of a job. A teacher’s job also comes with job satisfaction whenever you see your students achieve greatness.

You’ll be proud to say, “that’s my student,” or “She was my student in high school.” There is always this satisfaction that comes with such achievement, mainly when you are part of the success story of that student. 

Being a teacher broadens your knowledge to learn new things. “Learning never ends” should be your slogan as a teacher because you will never stop learning.

You should consider upgrading your knowledge about life, the subject you teach, other languages and cultures, and many other aspects of life.

The continuous process of learning in teaching is an advantage. Teachers are knowledgeable in every area of life as teaching also involves every aspect of life. 

is teaching worth it

One major disadvantage of being a teacher in most countries is underpayment. Compared to other professions, salaries are lower except if you have attained some significant qualifications. Getting all these qualifications is always a challenge for teachers as they may find it difficult to make ends meet and provide for their families. 

Teachers often have to deal with heavy workloads, limited resources, the pressure of high expectations and classroom management.

They have to maintain a class full of different behaviors and diverse races, which cannot be easy to curtail. They have to deal with much workload that involves planning lessons, setting curriculums and the time required to teach. 

In Summary

Being a teacher comes with so many expectations from everyone out there. As teachers, we should always be ready to give. In turn, we will help raise students that will become Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Accountants, and even future teachers, so is teaching worth it? I’ll say yes. We must push our students to their full potential and do it with passion and love. Only passion can drive you to do your best, and once you have that passion for teaching, you can achieve so much with your students and become part of their success story. 

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